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Fescue/Blue Grass Weed Control

Hello, Up here in Eastern Pennsylvania. Just east of Philadelphia where cool grasses seem to do well despite the luxury of a sprinkler system for the scorching months of July and August.

I have a very nice established thick lawn now but I am finding a small patch of clover here and there. Total between back and front yard is maybe 25 square feet total. These spots are approx. one to two square feet each and spread again, here and there.

I am battling moles I think, because the squirrels are busy doing other things.

So.. Here is my lawn maintenance system and my results. Please tell me how I can change add subtract or apply something different where needing.

April... thatch and over seed with a broadcast spreader. Usually put a 40lbs bag down on an area approx. 40 feet by 50 feet (front yard).

May... I try to over seed by hand any areas that didnt take or still need seedlings. I typically run the sprinkler system enough to keep the seedlings moist 24-7 in addition to the rain.

End of May... I start to notice either a super green lawn or a not so green lawn. The lawn at this point is about 5 years old from new growth. At first the lawn was ridiculously green and grew like crazy so, this end of May is when I start to worry and look for a way to green up the lawn and get it to grow a little more quickly. I have been thinking this is the time, when the temps are still below 85-83 on most days, to put something down, but what? and which type of application.

June... This is were I attempt to apply a liquid home made fertilizer,(ammonia,beer,soda,) and I cross my fingers and look forward find out any mistakes Ive made, the temps start spiking to the high 80s low 90s and the grass survives off the sprinkler systems but thins out, yellows, and starts dying off with much more dead brown thatch visible. Again, when the lawn was a year or two old, it was incredible. The newly planted seedlings at this point struggle to grow because of the HOT sun all day but do make it. They are lighter in color then the newly grown GREEN seed im used to. Seems like I need to over seed early, but this year April was in the low to mid 40s at night so..... I presume the fertilizer I applied ruined my lawn OR did nothing.Should I have applied Scotts weed and feed granules ??

July.... Weed city!! those tall things that grow at a rate of 100% faster than the lawn with four or five leaves and pull out easily, YEAH, those things, they are everywhere. Other weeds start to creep in and more dead grass and brown thatch. Sprinkler system and rain are ineffective and really hold no value or very little value at this point.

August.... Same as above.

September, things start to thicken up a bit and this is when I panic and over seed again with the broadcast spreader.

Late October.... I just wait for growth and green up and apply a winterizer granule fertilizer from scotts.

Please advise, help, laugh, feel free to comment with anything you feel may educate or help me. Learning by mistake and process of elimination is timely. Its funny, wen the lawn was brand new (new home), it was so young and green and healthy I thought everything I was doing, was correct. I feel it was not correct but I had great soil and a healthy new lawn. now im 5 years older and struggling without a clue.
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