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It should drive you nuts :P It's what makes me different from all my competition They all leave those nasty zebra lines and strips I called them, while our driveway are just immaculate.

PSI will have a huge effect on this, a long with the engine RPM, and the height and speed you are spraying. But the biggest thing you can correct for no trips is to get proper tips.. I never use brass tips, only use ceramic or stainless tips, and preferably the wide sprays like 80 degrees and I spray higher. Those type of tips will spray very wide, so you have to turn down your engine RPM when doing the edging, then turn it back on once you spray. Make sure you have a clean filter inside the spray gun.

Best is to do trial and error like I did over the years, buy and test out different kind of tips from protect asphalt and different spraying techniques until you have a acquire one that leaves a immaculate result. We always carry different kind of tips for different kind of driveways in our trailer, plus make sure we have at least 10 of each for backup reasons.
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