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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
I asked an "Exmark/Toro/Stihl dealer" today some questions re: Toro/Exmark stand-on aerators.

1) They are not quite exactly the same.
2) They are not made on the same assembly line. Actually, the Exmarks are manufactured in Nebraska. Toro's are manufactured in Minnesota.
3) Toro = distributor -- then dealer -- then buyer
Exmark = dealer -- then buyer (less hassle & overhead)
4) Exmark dealers tend to consider Toro products slightly inferior in quality compared to Exmark products
5) Most parts for Toro & Exmark stand-on aerators are interchangeable, but not all

Last year, Exmark stand-on aerators sold out last fall.
Exmark mowers are (and have been for years) the most widely used commercial mowers in my area. We seldom see Toro commercial mowers. This is another indication to me as to which brand to buy. (actually, I already committed to buy the Exmark)

If any of the above info is incorrect, please post. Thanks
The above info came from

I can save about $1400 per aerator if I buy two. Anybody want to go in with me so we can save money? lemme know. thanks
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