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Twelve hour work day, but did not get caught up... Still missed a couple properties, but had a very productive day. That was all I could ask of myself.

I'm still strained a bit from a dehydration attack on Wednesday, 2 a.m. I awoke with severe shakes, uncontrollable motions in my arms and hands, and no stability in my legs. I didn't realize the dehydration problem until putting some pieces together, and finding confirmation from personal sources that severe shakes can be a symptom. They lasted about 90 minutes -- extremely tight muscles in my upper chest, abdomen, and arms. These shakes were unlike any other -- travel motions in my fingers of two inches or so. This was in another category from chills. The incident really took the starch out of my energy tank. Today was the first good day, even though it didn't start out that way. I really struggled to get through Wednesday. Thursday was a partial rainout, and I surely wasn't up for a full day anyway. Yesterday was better, but far from myself. I felt like somebody had pulled me through a small hole, and rolled over me with a large log. Oh yes, they pulled the cord to the energy center too.

I share this just as an alert. Both Monday and Tuesday were two hot days, back to back. I recall having downed four quarts of drink while in the field, and more in the evening, at least Monday. I think Tuesday, I did not drink much after getting home. Stay healthy! The season has a long way to go.
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