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No sleeves on this one. Elbows are approx 18" off of edge of walk. There was an existing sidewalk there, they rotated the direction it went by a few degrees and widened it. Was an existing sleeve, with 2 tees and a 90. 2 tees were broken from the skid steer they ran while grading for new concrete. We came in and moved 2 valves and fixed 3 pipe breaks while they were grading. We abandoned the un-necessary side of the tee and repaired with a 90. The problem I saw with repairing with a sleeve was there would still be just as much risk for a leak underneath the sidewalk with a 90 or a coupling and (one of which would be necessary) and much additional digging and labor would be required. If the fittings were any farther underneath the walk, I would of used a sleeve. Have a worse picture of a repair we are going to have to work on Monday. 2" cut mainline, needing additional sleeving material, and 22 cut wires right where they too enter the sleeve. Gonna be a fun next few weeks with repairs.
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