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now I'm starting to think this may all be a hoax to scare people into buying more tires.... because if the reason you cannot plug the side is that there are no belts on the side, then this is false, because there are just as many belts on the sidewalk as under the tread. the belts wrap around the entire tire down and around the bead. furthermore. how does the plug grab the belts? it does not wrap around or touch any belts. it glues to the inside of the tire on nice clean rubber.

the only way I can rationalize why people do not do it is that the sidewall flexes. and the plug flexed with it and that movement could cause it to be torn assunder. but then again... so does the tread and it does not happen when you plug the tread...

and frankly. what's the worse that could happen? starts leaking again?

I think its just companies wanting to sell more tires. same as their reccommendations on what tread level to trade up at... some tires are sold with about the level they say you need to change. seems kinda fishy to me.
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