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Originally Posted by LandFakers View Post
Im not sure you understand how this works. That can be as little as 500/week if some are biweekly, which you can barely live off. I need to bill atleast 250/day to stay a float! So while going to school, paying off a business loan, school loan and trying to feed yourself off 9 current accounts makes sense? Run what you have and count your money. How do you plan to run this business while at school? Is this college close to home. This is a year round job for most guys, and dont expect to have 20-30 accounts next year. You cant plan growth based on customers you dont have. Also remember that you may not even have 9 clients next year. People move, or hire someone cheaper all the time.
Cannot emphasize this enough. Don't count your chickens before they hatch, or so they say... Everyone goes about running their business a different way, however there is one common denominator between all business success, and the key to being in business, is staying in business. Do yourself a favor and use a savings acct. Because while its great when the money comes in, it's not so great when grass isn't growing and you have bills to pay. You don't have bills right now, and you don't need to. I know you want to look like every other guy out there with the big stuff, but trust me, that all comes with a price. Grow slow, do good work, and stay in business. That will bring you everything you want.
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