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not sure what I have to add to this other than YOU have to be comfortable with YOUR decision. I had a new guy ask me on friday if it was always like this. Not understanding what "this was" I asked for more. He said the revolving door of new employees. Unfortunately, the answer is yes. To find guys who want to do this, yes, you will go through a lot of chaf. Had a new guy we invested a LOT into training just walk off the job on Wed. Week before, a new guy left within 5 minutes of showing up and hasnt been seen since.

Ill admit, hiring and training employees is my last frontier - and probably a huge wildcard for most in this industry. However, even not knowing what Im doing, I have managed to find 3 great new employees this year (went trough many to find those).

This all goes back to what your plan and goals are. We have very aggressive 5 year goals and to reach those, we will need 20+ more employees. If you simply want to provide a great living for yourself and family, thats great too. But, if you want a regional footprint, the employee decision has already been made. The hassle is worth it though. Net worth has grown ~225k this year, get to take 4 weeks away in season, and a handsome salary. Doesnt make it easier though.
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