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Originally Posted by Bautieri View Post
What do you intend to use the truck for? Will it be your new plow rig, a back up truck, or a straight up swap for your current (presumably functional) truck? Even if the engine is bullet proof, you're still talking a truck that is 20 years old. Is it a manual or a automatic? Keep in mind the additional expenses that an additional truck will bring, registration, insurance, upkeep.

I'd offer 4k then try and flip it for a few bucks if you have the time and desire to do so.
I'm thinking bout selling my 7.3, I can get about 10-11 grand for it, and if I do that, then yes the dodge will be my new tow rig for my trailers and plow rig in the winter.

Also flipping it after I buy it is a great idea as well, I thought about that and what would you think I would be able to get for it?
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