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Originally Posted by dan82775 View Post
the last fertilization I put down was last year. This spring was a cold never ending cold nights so it wasnt until mid may that I was able to over seed and let grow for 3-4 weeks. At this time, after the second mow, I was late May early June and applied some home made fertilizer with ammonia, well, I put down too much ammonia and killed all the new growth and yellowed the lawn. I am FINALLY, back to normal with the help of time, and a bag of milorganite. SO.... thats where I am at now. im green and growing again but still not at the best end of the desired spectrum but im luck for the mild summer so far. I do have some clover starting here and there and those AWFUL rapid growing light colored green things that pop up 6 inches taller than the grass, here and there. They have like 4 or 5 leaves and are very tall and pull out easily. What do you recommend for my current situation.

I will know exactly how to react come late august but what types of fertilizer and weed control specifically do you recommend.
The "awful rapid growing light green things" is Nutsedge. The best bet depending on how much you have is spraying Sedgehammer on the plants when they are on the longer side. You can get gallon packets at John Deere Landscapes, ebay and I'm sure some other places. You can spray Nutsedge in the heat, as you're should only be misting the tops of the plants that are much longer than the turf. I would tell you to use molasses, but judging by some of your responses in this thread, you're a novice.
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