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Originally Posted by joe billy View Post
Well. I have the shark steaks.
I know better than to try to negotiate.
It would prolly be easier to get a kohler to run on water.
Then agin, you prolly know how to do that too.
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I'm gettin closer to thinkin bout negotiating...
Went on a job interview this morning...I still have a job that pays well...working conditions sub par.
Initially over the sounded like a definite was I wrong....they lied to me..
Its one of the bigger mower shops in the city of tampa...been around a long time..
Filled out my app..the service mgr and one mechanic each have 1 arm in a sling..
That gets me to start wondering bout this place...finally get to talk to one of the big cheeses..
Walked into the repair shop..7 mechanics working on home depot stuff...there may have been 5 commercial mowers in the yard..which incedentally is where all the mowers are stored...fixed or not fixed...not under cover...covered with rain hasn't stopped raining in about 5 days..
The interview came to an abrupt end when he told me he couldn't pay me anything close to what we agreed to over the phone..
I won't tell you their name...but with the amount of comm eqpt in their guys prolly don't know them anyway..
Sure glad I missed that job...shoulda brought a camera..a pic of the guy with the 12 in 3 jaw puller on a briggs flywheel...
Would have been priceless...
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