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Alan, <br>My thoughts would be that some how you are incresing the moment on the spindle by adding another blade. Im working on my degree in civil engineeing, i have to take statics but thank god not dynamics ( if i had to use dynamics we'd have big problems) so i cant really say what is going on. It seems to me that the mower was designed to have 1 blade, by adding another one it would seem to add more stress to the machine. It seems that you would be detereorating the machine some, how much is a question of how overbuilt the spindle is. I think that most machines would be able to handle this added load, and the only problems will be with motors not having enough ass to keep the tip speed up in high grass. I have been curious about the 2 blade system and im going to try it when i get back home for summer. Im also going to go talk to some of my ME freinds and see if they have any thing to say. Hope i made some sense in all that rambleing.
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