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The weather station is a wireless vantage pro 2 and its hooked up thru an adapter called weatherlink, which is hooked up to my router. I used to have the station hooked up to one of my older computers until the computer bit the dust. I liked it thru the computer because the info was updated every second, verses the weatherlink is updated online every 15 minutes. I have the pieces, parts to get the computer back up and running but haven't got to it...probably one of my winter projects. The station was around 300.00, have it mounted on the roof and the anemometer mounted on the peak of the roof. The weatherlink adapter does all the uploading to weather underground, and with the computer, a software program does the work. I only know of one customer that I picked up from seeing the weather station info online and the guy was from the U.K. and lives in Bobcat Trail. I was shocked when he told me where he was from. Most of my calls come from my website, The phone has been ringing like crazy with all this rain, but some are looking at one time cuts since their lawns got out of control with the rain. I tell them my minimum pricing and that ends that. I tell them to call the lawn-wanna-bees with the signs on the sides of the road that quotes 20.00 per cuts. I don't have time for those people....

Yesterday, my rain gauge measures 3.18 inches for the day and so far today I got 2.56 inches of rain. I guess the value of my house went up since I have water front property now since the swale in my front yard is like a swimming pool. HaHa
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