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Originally Posted by Bob MacGregor View Post
X-ONE has a 60" rear discharge deck and a Kawi FX730V carbed engine, sweet running machine!!! I should have bought two and put mulching blades on one.
Never had a carbed engine on a Super Z where if it ran completely out of gas I could not change tanks and it would immediately start, may have to choke, but it cranks right up.

I have a FX1000V (35 hp) on a 72" Super Z and I don't even care whether one tank runs empty or not, I switch the tank, turn the blades off, set the steering levers in the park position, choke the engine and it starts and runs within 4 or 5 revolutions of the engine. This is why I asked, can't understand why yours gives a problem cranking if running a tank empty, never seen this with a carbed engine, but the restarting an efi is an entirely different ball game.
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