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Originally Posted by georgialawn88 View Post
The facts i stated above are FACTS. I dont need anyone telling me how many i can do in a day i have that figured in. I can do 30 a day. What i was looking for is if anyone saw any finance things i was missing. Everyone keeps telling me i can do this i cant do that. I already stated what i could do! thanks everyone anyway.
My bad. I was simply stating from my experiences in the business and using my numbers and lawns as reference. I'm at around 135 with and average size if 12k.

What I see from your numbers is that you currently have 150 customers and you need roughly 660 to net over 100k based on you current numbers.

That will take lots of advertising and time for estimates.
What about call backs?
Could you raise your prices after a couple hundred to reduce the number of clients and base it on quality work and not quantity.
Would you upsell aerations, fire ants, grubs, etc? Is there time for that? I don't know your program.

It's definently doable if you have a strong market. Also consider that repairs and equipment will cost more once you are running thing all the time.

Good luck. I'd be interested in what worked for you to go Fert and squirt only.
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