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It's not that the technicians are stupid or lazy(in most cases), the problem is that they don't get paid enough and no not many in the company care about the lawns. They have ZERO motivation to do a thorough job on each lawn. Most big companies pay a shitty salary and it doesn't matter how long they work, just that they hit the production goals. So the faster they work, the earlier they get off, and the more they get paid per hour.

Most of the big companies are all about quantity, and couldn't give a **** about quality.

I get people calling in all the time saying I didn't do the back yard, or didn't do anything at all. They're always wrong, as I've never done this without letting them know(dog out, gate locked, etc.). They just knew I wasn't there for very long and figured there's no way I could have done the whole yard. Most yards I can fertilizer and spot spray for weeds in a minute per thousand sq ft. Can be less if there is no weeds, this is not long at all and most people think it should take longer.

If anything though, these companies are helping you smaller guys out..the quality just isn't there like it is with a smaller company who cares about each and every customers lawn.
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