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Originally Posted by excav8ter View Post
Hey guys, i have a 25 year old guy working for me this year, running my Kobelco sr35, Taki TL130 and a 650J.....he NEVER lets stuff cool down just stops and turns of the key with no cool down time at all....sometimes I start a piece, and the throttle is still wide open. He has been operating for about 6 years, and is amazing in the TL 130 and the dozer, but this bugs the he** out of me. I have always been taught to let the equipment cool down for a few minutes before shutting it off. Especially with turbo charged equipment.
I always give my iron time to warm up and cool down....

Helll if he is working for you and you want the engines cooled down before turning them off, then that's what should happen. If you want him to dance around the machine 3 times before shutting it off, then so it shall be written. Personally if its the machines been working hard, I let it cool down before shutting it off. What can it hurt, to let it idle a few extra minutes.
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