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Originally Posted by tony b View Post
I take no offense to anything you have said. It's just really frustrating to pull and pull and pull. Years ago when I had a smaller operation we kept 6 260 shinys on the truck so 1 would start. That sucks!!!!!! I can't remember the husky model #'s but it was the same thing. Nothing worse than pulling up to do a job, pulling a trimmer 54 times, getting out the starting fluid and pulling it 3 more times. By that time I need a disability check (just kidding). Still makes a bad day is all.
Oh, believe me, I have screwed up and tried starting my stuff wrong, like putting on the choke without thinking about it even though the thing was warm as toast. Standing there yanking away, and oh so tempted to slam it into the asphalt. Then I realize it was my fault and look around to see who was watching the show. I have one Stihl product now that is, or at least was, a beaatch to start. My HS45. I almost pulled my pistola a few times and blew it apart, I was so pissed at it. It would flood in the heat, or get vapor lock. Since I made the switch to Amsoil Saber in it though, it is much easier to start now. Not sure why the oil alone would make that much difference, but it does.
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