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Who wrote that script for you

Clearly the powers that be have guided this message, sounds like asales pitch not a response.
Look i have no doubt any franchise Has got as much of a chance at failure as any other business , you are not immuned to the pressure of business. Owning a franchise doesnt change the quality of a labor you hire or bring you better leads or make you a better person its just a set of rules.
Weedman is not a leader in the industry , they squirt dirt like Scotts and Trugreen Or Lawn Doctor but no one knows who they are. Why buy a crappy name if you buy a franchise. You dont want a burger world franchise if there is a Burger king or Mcdonalds available
But i am sure you know that , Tell the truth when you buy a Franchise what do you get thats real that you can touch besides, a few freebies at the begining you get nothing but words or advice , You pay for every ounce of every paper, software, conference , Royalties (even if you dont make money ).
Buy the way whats your salary?

Franchises are like gangsters you pay even if things arent good . Thats how they make there money ,They dont care if you had a bad week or year
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