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Originally Posted by 32vld View Post
52" mower.

How are you getting that through 36" gates?

What is the most common size properties in your area?

How open are these properties?

A 48" maybe a better fit. A 54", closer to a 60" and should get through a 5' gate.

Takes time to build a route. And working PT, you finance a mower and all your income may go to paying off your mower. Meaning first three years you will not draw a salary.
Good question on the gates, there are a mix quantity of gated & non gated properties and honestly I would be okay if I made no profit till the mower was paid off as long as my revenue was paying ALL of my business costs. I'm spoiled right now with my full time job with local government benefits and retirement, this is sort of going to be my retirement savings plan on top of what I'm already doing - at 22 years old I want to pay more for my future then ever.
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