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Originally Posted by tony b View Post
No offense but I still don't think guys with small operations get it. Nor would guys with huge operations that only bid jobs. I think it takes an owner operater with a fairly large crew that all operates together. In one month the best piece of equipment $ can buy is a pos. It's not mistreated it just gets used that much. While your on your ztr, walkbehind, 21 or blower my trimmers are running and running. All day every day. Every trimmer is a pos when used this way, fs 55's just start without fail. Please take no offense in what I say, when I was a 1 man gang I wouldn't have understood either.
A FS55 That thing isn't a trimmer for Commercial use That's a Residential trimmer. Why bother with one I know its cheap, Right?

Here is how I look at it I run a crew and I am a owner/operator I get dirty with rest of them
To have high Production
I buy big mowers so I buy big trimmers. I go thru a 2.5 gal of mix in 2 days and yes that 3-4 trimmers running mostly.
Little trimmer is a waste of time and money.
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