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Originally Posted by georgialawn88 View Post
Say you run a route of 6 weeks. You visit each yard 8 times per year. (i know up north you dont go 8 times) Thats 30 days mon-fri. 8 of those 30 days rain or wind. so you work 22 days on avg for the 6 week route. I can do 30 yards a day if my route it tight as i have a ride on. so 22 days X 30 a day = 660 yards in 6 weeks. On avg you make 30 bucks a yard after fert and pre cost. all diff size yards aywhere from 150.00 down to 40.00 my avg i figure 30.00 per yard.
Originally Posted by Efficiency View Post
dont base your projections on an absolute number of stops per day. Base it upon square feet per day, week, round, etc. You are going to find that as soon as you use an average size lawn for a budget, your average is going to change. Instead, base it on 150, 200, 300k per day and you cant go wrong.

Problem whether dealing with stops per day or SF per day is that there are to many variables. Some days 40 stops some days 10 stops all because of lot size. Then day to day changes will be different due to travel time.

Then some jobs will have a higher profit. There is no way of knowing that 10% of one's jobs will be big money makers, 30%, 1%, or 0%.

I just picked up a customer that had a lady gardener do all of their bed and property maintenance. She hit 65 the retired. This is not anything like my other customers. My son are working 2 hours a week there, billing 4 hours total for $240. This job has thrown off my average. I usually work solo. My son is helping so I can fit this job in on the day we do it.

If I was to project how much money I would make if my schedule was full this customers figures would make my total gross higher then what it would be. Doubt I would make that much because doubt I will get more customers like this.
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