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Franchising works well for some, not so well for others. Our retail and service industries are highly populated by franchises, covering a wide variety of products and services. Some can write highly negative things about franchises, but the upward trending in new local businesses says that franchising is working pretty well. Without any objective stats, my anecdotal observations would indicate that more new businesses are opening under the franchise umbrella, than on their own. The number of small "mom/pop" shops are dwindling, and getting new ones started seems to be a recipe for failure. The marketplace gives a new business very little ramp-up time now, so a steep ramp at the very beginning is necessary. This did not used to be the case.

Weedman just moved into my area. I know of two properties they work, one of which is my mowing customer. I am 100% certain the former applicator dropped said customer for lack of payments (I know his string is very short, and know the customer is a poor payer). I do know they put down material on the entire property, although entirely unnecessary. Also, I know they put down material that produced lots of top growth, which I had to handle. Time will tell if: (1) Their work is successful, (2) If their string is short on prompt payments (my guess is "yes"), and somebody new will show up in a few months.
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