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Originally Posted by jasonhc73 View Post
Yesterday I took down a yard that had not been mowed in 2 years, as you can imagine it was more or less a wild field of 4 to 7 feet high. I walked through the yard and picked up 4 rugs, some boards, and a dog house.
While mowing a relatively short area, 18 to 24 inch high area I was going over and over a spot and kept noticing something hard my wheels where bumping over. After making 5 or 6 passes and finally getting to see the ground I noticed what I had been running over...

A full blown 4' long pitch fork. It had 4 prongs with 3/4" steel teeth... Gulp. Luckily it had been pushed down into the ground and didn't stick up anywhere. I picked it up and laid it on the front porch. I had my deck up high on 4", so it wasn't getting into anything too bad the entire yard. I saw 2 or 3 racquetballs, a frog, and a couple Frisbees. I did manage to vaporize a 6" PVC elbow that magically appeared, it was crunchy sounding.
You guys are really eating up your machines doing this kind of work with them. This is brush hog work. Your being extra hard on the spindles, belts and overheating the hydros.
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