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conceptsketch, ... marketing always trumps good products/services for the masses. Building a better mousetrap may make you the best mousetrap maker, but without marketing, you are left with nothing. Do I like it? Absolutely not! But, that is the reality. TV, radio, newspapers are not filled with marketing materials just to take up air time or column space. Why is half of what appears in my mailbox advertising? Are there so many outstanding products or services? No. But, the advertising money is what gets crappy products/services moving. Yes, it says much about the quality of consumers, but, again, the reality of the matter.

I'm convinced that lawn services applications are no different. I do not do apps, but am always interested in what the services have put down on the properties that I mow. I ask the homeowner about what was done. Rarely, even a hint of a clue. For 99%, they don't even care. A good marketing campaign got them to sign an agreement -- end of story. And, the story resumes every new year, as long as the service provider just shows on the scene. It makes little difference about what was done, or how well it was done. As long as there are tracks in the grass, a small sign at the curb, and a door hanger with an invoice -- good to go!
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