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I'm finally considering the restore project complete. Someday I will do something about the seat but it now runs, cuts, and looks pretty good if I do say so myself. I've placed it back into service as my backup mower and have cut several acres with it under varying conditions. It feels just look it's old self. Here are a few pictures showing some late adder little touches like the brake lever grip and the stopper cable that holds the seat. It is quite complete. The obvious addition is the fire extinguisher. It is mounted to a quick disconnect bracket which in turn is mounted to the ROPS with hose clamps. Pull one pin and the extinguisher is ready. Final picture shows a before and after. Thanks again to all for the virtual help, encouragement, and words of wisdom. It is now July 2nd 2013. I've been at this since Thanksgiving 2012 but I can finally say: THE SCAG IS SAVED!!!
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