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Originally Posted by JDGlandscape View Post
That is a good comparison, I do like the new 6.2. BUT The price difference isnt really as big of a thing as people seem to think.

Per year I put on around 22k a year towing a trailer. mostly work, some of it for camping or boating. But still. on average i tow around 8k but sometimes well over 10 k.

I have a 5.4 gas ( not much worse on gas vs 6.2)

Here is my reasoning why the cost difference isnt that big of a deal if you keep the truck for at least 2 or 3 years.


22k per year. avg 7.8 mpg. $3.5 per gallon

22,000/7.8= 2,820.51 gallons per year.

2,820.51x 3.50=9,900 dollars a year to keep fuel in the gas engine.


22k per year. average 14.5 mpg. $3.82 per gallon

22,000/14.5= 1517.24 gallons per year

1517.24x 3.82= $5795.85 dollars a year to keep fuel in the diesel engine.

The difference per year in fuel is 4104.15 per year. so in just two years you have paid the difference in the cost of the engines and then each year after that you are saving money. Not to mention you get get at least 25% more resale value with the diesel engine when you decide to sell it

And the biggest and single most deciding factor in the differences is how they drive. I thoroughly ENJOY driving my deisels, I do not like driving my gas engine, especially towing. I feel like a road hazzard. It isnt fun at all. I love being able to tow anything I want and accelerate decently and actually drive up hills without redlining it and screaming the engine as you SLOW down.

All that being said, I do like the simplicity of the gas engines.
ive got a new f350 with 6.2, 4.30 gears, gcw 19-21k depending on tank fill,it
averages daily 10 mpg and it was 10.4 mpg no ac, these are hand calcs

most guys pulling same loads with new diesel ive talked to claim 11-14 mpg, since I don't own one myself its speculation
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