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I did a clean-up for a couple and they were ecstatic. It was a crappy lawn and they asked me what I'd charge, they agreed and I signed them up for a season contract. The lawn was tiny and had a huge maple in the front, and it was pitted all over. I cut once, they were happy. Cut the second time, and continued on. I got to one of my commercials and received an email stating they wanted to discontinue my service, I did an awful job, the lawn was uneven, they didn't understand why their shanty didn't look like the Taj Mahal and when I was done. Didn't ask me to fix anything. Didn't ask if I could come back to show me what was wrong. They canceled and I sent the invoice. They are now 60 days late. I emailed and she said that if I had done a halfway decent job maybe I would be a priority, blah blah blah. I don't think I'll ever get my $60.00. After she put down my entire work ethic I asked her why a person would not ask a contractor to fix what was wrong when they knew it wouldn't cost anything, etc. And no reply. Overall I'm glad I do not have it as a house to deal with, and I figure it was a cop out to the answer that they simply couldn't afford it!
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