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So Roger, the saying "the cream always rises to the top" has no merit?Anyone care to guess trugreen's turnover rate? I heard 40%. Ok, lets give them the benefit of maybe 20%. Even at this rate, everyone has either tried TG or they know someone who has. The only way that TG gets them back is if they buy a smaller local company, and then they get fired by at least 20% of those customers, again. Face facts, if TG was such a great company, not only would they have all of the customers, they probably would have been able to keep all of the now private applicators (that used to be TG employees) from becoming their competition. So yes, TG needs a great and very expensive marketing plan because the small companies that provide great service would put them out of business. Here is another classic example. Three years ago, the largest car company in the world almost went out of business. Did they advertise? Sure did, but they also improved their cars. If they hadn't, no amount of government money or advertising or marketing would have saved them from their complacent attitude.
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