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I said that this was an interesting find, i didn't say that it made total sense. Here goes:

I eliminated the nos. 1 & 2 stations because they measured within range, shared continuity with only themselves and passed the short to earth measurements.

That left me with 6 stations to work with.

When testing the resistance on both commons to the stations i was just looking for a break in continuity, what i got was a series of measurements that made me think taking a late Sunday afternoon gig may not have been as much fun as i thought it would be.

I separated the commons and tested each against the terminal strip and got continuity on both commons to all stations. Now i am really thinking this job was a bad idea.

I labled the commons, counted the wires coming into the clock and the used wires and come up with 11 separate valves on the multi runs. 1 + 1 + 11 = 13 valves on 8 stations.

I wrote all of the measurements down for each station in relation to their common (those i posted) and started shaking my head.

3-7-8 seemed to be either the problem or the result of the problem with 100 ohms on com 1 and near 60 ohms on com 2

4-5-6 seemed pretty close to ganged pairs on com 1 but spread to a 50+ ohm difference on com 2.

Since all of the measurements were pretty much out of the ordinary i began looking for either a pattern or a break in pattern.

Station 6 broke the pattern. I had a wider range than the others, was the only station with a single wire and i just felt that since i have to start somewher i may as well start with 6.

I took the battery out of the clock (it was fairly new) and started bumping the stations with it.

1 & 2 were front yard rotors and functioned well.

3 was in the front yard on the south of the drive. 2 zones ganged at the clock, bumped them separate and together. Worked well.

Repeted this on 4 & 5 with the same results.

When i bumped 6 only 1/2 of the zone watered. The owner was there to tell me what was going on.

7 & 8 worked well but i couldn't bump both valves on either at the same time.

I found the VB's with the station 6 valves in them. One of them was a valve that i located previously. The HO repaired the valve and wired it in series and since it was on a single wire that ran through it, it was easy to ID.

While i was rewiring the valve i rewired all of the splices in the box.

That is when i found the 3rd common and it supported valves for stations 3-7-8.

Went to the controller and fired all of the stations manually from the clock.

I then did something stupid and set up a test program, ran it and did not erase any of the programs.

Freaking thing kept starting over. When i called to see if it worked ok the HO said she shut it down after the second cycle. I stopped by and reset the clock and all is well.

I don't know why the system did not work at all before i fooled with it, why it worked afterwards, why i got lucky if i did.

That is the story, i am sticking to it. BTW there wound up being 14 valves
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