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Originally Posted by Pennington Lawncare View Post
My Bob-Cat never did stripe very well until I mounted a piece of heavy conveyor belt to the rear of the deck and now it stripes some yards very good and just so so on the others. Some grasses stripe way better than others. I do wish that my Bob-Cat striped better without my home made striping kit. I think the Bob-Cat decks just don't generate much vacuum and I attribute that to the discharge chute being so small and essentially limiting the exhaust so that it can't generate a lot of vacuum. The newest Bob-Cat's came with a slightly wider discharge chute but, I don't know if they made much difference as far as striping goes. I'm all ears if anyone has some suggestions. I've already been though adjusting the deck pitch 1/8 to 1/4 inches lower in the front and that never helped I hate to say.
really, my bobcats out stripe just about any type of mower around here, def. much better than the scags i used to have..
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