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Originally Posted by ExmarkBoy View Post
I got a text yesterday saying that one of my customers had found a different lawn service for their needs. This was only the second customer I have ever lost in 3 years of business. I had called the guy and asked him if I could let his grass go some extra days so that it wouldn't get as much summer burnout. He said that would be fine. He called and asked if I could come and mow, I said I could in a 3 days (yesterday). He said that would be great if I could mow on monday. I got there and his lawn was mowed. I figured he had time and just decided to do it himself (he likes to, but doesn't have the time). Then that afternoon he texts me and says that they switched lawn services and thanks for what I had done for him this far. Please share your thoughts and your own stories of times when your customers cancelled without any sort of warning signs. I look forward to what everyone will post. This might end up with some funny stories...
Send him a bill for 50% charging him for the drive time for failing to notify you in a timely manner.
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