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Originally Posted by Dirtman2007 View Post
yep did a 3' deep trench and lay it in there just like you see it after you take the plastic wrap off.

on the top there is a piece of fabric that keeps the dirt from going down into it.

its actually pretty strong you can lay it on the ground and jump on it and it really doesn't crush.
Yes it is tough. We have had so many chamber ( infiltrator) systems collapse that I just do not use them anymore. The product is rated too take the load of a tandem dump driving straight across them. The seperation close works real good. We used too have too cover them with paper. I back fill them and take my mini ex or track loader and run up and down the trench too compact the trench. If possible you can leave a small mound ove rthe trench so that at settling will not leave a depression.
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