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Finally got to demo an X. Things I found that maybe you could give your opinions on since you now have more saddle time. Let me know if I'm way off in left field or if there are things to due to change items.

The biggest thing which was odd to me was the cut didn't seem quite as clean as my SZ. This was not what I was expecting at all to say the least. I thought of all decks it would be the cleanest. I would get a stinger or grouping, esp if at higher speeds. I was cutting at 3.25" on a brand new mower with .4 hrs on it. By no means was it bad and unless you were comparing it side to side and were as picky as me. Again it was not bad by any means. This was on three different properties.

Clipping dispersal was very very good compared to my XR7 on dry grass.

Seat looks good and absorbed movement decent. Very soft foam. Almost too soft? No seat adjustment for rear back support?!?!? Bad back needs this. Front to rear adjustment not terrific. Wife would have liked to be forward a little more a 5'7" for pedal operation.

Had a little wheel spin on uneven ground while turning. Tire psi set at 12 psi.

Nice, fast, acceleration. Hydro were completely different. Stiffer (did not try adjusting) and more sensitive. It was hard to run a straight line on the first property. After some use I adjusted. SZ felt sluggish after. Didn't miss the speed as much as I thought I would on the short tests but I'm sure there would be a handful of times that I would.

Ride is poorer than the SZ by quite a bit without pneumatics and FFs which is to be expected.

EFI EFI EFI. SZ 2.0 gph carb only option.

It is taller than my XR7 and only about 1-1.5" shorter than a SZ HD. But the ROPS are much much better for clearance when folded down then the SZ which are still up there in the air. Mute issue for me because they'd be coming off anyway.

Decent deck assist and deck height setting.

Would need to get use to no throttle. The demo of course didn't have an OCDC on it so out of habit I tried throttling down several times near beds and things only to grab air where the handle should be.

Nicely shaped anti scalp wheels for turf.

Carlisle rear tires.

Overall a nice looking machine.
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