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Trimstar Rescue or Retire?

Hello folks.
I recently picked up a Hustler Trimstar (or pre-trimstar?) from a farm auction. My wife calls it "the beast", and thinks im crazy. (nothing new). The unit is in ROUGH condition, but have been wanting something like this for a while to cut my own property. After getting it home and giving it a good look, I'm starting to wonder if this was a wise purchase. I'm torn if I should invest the time/money is bring it back to life again or just part it out. I only paid $200 for it. My interest is about having a working mower that can produce a professional cut, not making money. But there are limits of course. I can't afford a new one.

The unit has a 48" deck, and a Kohler CV624S engine (225 hours) + a sulky. No idea of it's age. The engine cranks when carb cleaner is shot down the intake but dies after a few seconds. This is what gave me hope. What's VERY clear is the original owner was not fond of maintaining his equipment. I was planning to do an engine overhaul this weekend, but now wondering if it will quickly become a money pit.

- The air cleaner (hd type) is glued shut. (apparently he broke the retainer clips and solved the problem with RTV sealant)
- Fuel filter removed and bypassed. Fuel lines are shot.
- Has oil cooling unit, but fins are clogged with grim and not sure if oil flows.
- Operator presence system bypassed. (wires cut)
- No Battery
- Unit starts to move in reverse when h-bar is locked in neutral (tells me the hydro's are working, but needs adjustment)
- Probably sat for 3-4 years with gas in it.
- road tar would best describe the oil condition. Looks like an original oil filter.
- Blades are.. undescribable. Looks like he tried to cut stones with it.
- No covers for deck.
- Side Discharge flapper is bent/cracked, but could be re-welded.
- 1 flat drive tire, 1 flat guide tire
- Belts look good
- Idlers are questionable. hand turned only, but the bearings arent smooth turning.
- Blade bearings seem ok.
- No oil or hydro leaks that I can tell.
- Hydro oil tank is full, oil is clean, but not sure if the oil is the correct type.
- Sulky is in good shape.

So - what do you think? Worthy of repair? I'm not afraid to invest money in it if I can get some long-term value out of it, or at least recover my "investment" on the resale market.

I currently use a Kabota B7500 with a mid-deck which runs great, but I have never liked the cut and the kubota tires (AG4) tends to cause too much turf damage.

I'd be VERY interested in a professionals opinion.
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