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Originally Posted by dutch1 View Post
The first step for avoiding small engine carburetor problems is to avoid the use of ethanol laced fuels--get straight gas if possible.

There is a website that lists stations that to sell straight gas--if I remember correctly, I think it's If not someone will correct the addy.

My suggestion is to run, then drain fuel and restart to run dry--on any equipment that is going to be idle for an extended period. Your mileage may vary.

Ethanol contributes to corrosion as well as leaving deposits. In addition, ethanol is a water attractor--as a result it absorbs moisture from the air.
Exactly! The website address is correct, too.
The only thing I'd add is ethanol will also deteriorate some rubber parts, like the tips on some jet needles and some fuel lines. Helps to replace fuel lines with Tygon or other ethanol resistant material.
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