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Glad to hear you were able to run one!

Cut: The UC deck is and never was a high-speed deck. The front skirt knocks it over too far. It's much better cut at 6mph than it is at 10-12mph. Blades are far from sharp when new. This deck is and has always been a sharp blade deck. It all depends on the grass conditions...right now with all the rain and high temps here, things aren't cutting nearly as good as they were a month ago.

Yes, it is odd that there is no seat-back angle adjustment. I fit so good in it, it must be where "my" sweetspot is and where I had it on the SuperZ (I never changed mine on the SuperZ)

I have no adjustment problems fore and aft, but I found it hard to pull sticks back in reverse with seat all the way up. I lowered my sticks, and tilted them forward.

Was ROPS up or down? I removed the weight plate and my ROPS and it is absolutely perfect. I can climb straight up the steepest hills and still keep casters on grass, yet I can come down the same hill...stop, and actually reverse back up it. Cant do that with many ZTR's. And I couldn't do that with the factory ROPS and weight plate on it.

Ride is very rough with the flat free casters. I'm getting used to it, but something does need to be done with this. I agree 100%

It probably is a little taller then your SuperZ, mine had the flex seat, so I'm actually riding lower than I did on my SuperZ. The flex seat raised up the seat a couple inches.

Had mine mud bogging yesterday afternoon. Got out without getting boots muddy, but I got mud everywhere! (Crap lawn anyway) This thing floats over mud that my SuperZ just dug into and would get stuck. The deck raises VERY high as that was what usually caught the SuperZ and stopped it!
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