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Originally Posted by Exact Rototilling View Post
Okay is it safe to say that finding good employees for this type of work is more difficult than in other industries such as: retail, food service, industrial labor and manufacturing? The work is often seasonal and in some areas doesn't promote long term career advancement etc. So is it safe to say this is part of the reason...?

Seriously....I entertain thoughts of going back to working as an aircraft mechanic [hate working nights sleeping during the day] or even getting a job working for the rail road. The later is probably better pay and benefits.

Regardless it seems having and managing employees in a business that is so seasonal and pushed around by the weather doesn't really make it an appealing long-term career thus will not attract the best and brightest of the work force. Sadly this spills over to owner/operators in image to some degree. My own dad a former retired educator with a very high intellect believes deep down inside that the industry is best left for those blessed with less intellect. In other words, "this industry is a waste of my talents".

My take is a family run type of operation [maintenance not extensive installations] is where it's at. Enough man power so the load is shared instead of all on a single person such as in my own situation where my son and wife really don't want anything to do with it...except spend my $.

Regardless ....I'm still left with the long term goals that seem to be set by the book "E-myth Revisited" ...that the long term goal is to sell a biz, cash out and move on. This biz is a service industry. It is not Intel, Microsoft or Buck Knives.

I guess I'm looking for optimism here for staying in the biz long term and not viewing this as a job where survival depends on staying small or getting really big which requires stellar people management skills.

In my area I don't see the quality in the larger more well known full service Companies. I see pricing that is lowish, catering to what the clients wants [not what's best for the grass].

Again I'm looking for some long term stick with this industry optimism.

Truthfully working in the aerospace industry in research and development field along side engineers would of been the best fit for me. Make it faster, better and stronger. Cutting edge development far and away from the drudgery of the mundane.

Yeah my aerators pull more plugs in a single pass, my clients lawns I'm in complete control of absolutely rock...but for some reason I always look for greener grass.

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Couldn't have said it better myself. I feel the same way. If I had a plan B, I would be using it now.
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