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I was discussing with Lee in mid 2010, that since 2007 when Lesco started blending P free ratios (2-0-1's). (Lesco was always the for front of compliance.) I had been studying an average of 12 soil sample results per week from all areas of central FL sent back to me from CLC labs in Ohio. Prior to 2007 P was always surplus guaranteed it was a given. From 2007 to 2010 I saw a trend that ended with P showing LOW consistently. Mostly sandy soils. I was always told it was locked up and not available for plant uptake. Not what I saw. In 2007 to current year Fl weather is only record breaking not normal. Its either, record rain, record drought or record cold. One to the other and the other to the one. Turf grass is suffering and not only slow but hard to recover. Turf damaging pest (not just BUGS) cause more severe damage. In early 2010 I introduced 18-46-0 (DAP) to my customers. I have always been a promoter of 0-0-62 frequently when poor conditions are present and my favorite blends 5-10-31 w/10%Fe & 9-2-24 w/6%FE 2%Mn 2%Mg. both SOP. My customers took 18-46-0 to their most troubled lawns they had been fighting since 2009 and had a rapid complete recovery. Not only recovered but the continual record changing conditions caused little effect. No stress no chinch no fung no stress. They were and are believers. I was even told by my superiors and piers that blend was stupid, not worth blending (because I was the only one ordering it in Fl). It was because of low margins but results mattered to me more. Im a Nature Mechanic. Shortly before I left in Late 2010. Lee mentioned to me after our discussion about my studies that an intern at UF was studying milorganites possibility to free locked P from the soil and initial results were promising. I left Lesco and never got to follow up. I passed this on to my customers and I still consult with most. They still follow my blend recommendations and have more powerful lawns and agree strong heart idly with my program. They would not call me 3 years later to always say thanks if not. I wish I knew the UF results I have not followed because I just always believed. I do know it took a lot of milorganite and a long time to break out P. So I went for (DAP). Typing is not my best way of expression. Feel free to call. 407-580-2314. I'm not shy. My vocals are much more expressive than my keyboard fingers.
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