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Spee-d basin or diy basin?

Doing some drainage work and like pvc with glue for pipes. I am looking at surface drains for a few areas one is about 40' x 50' slight incline with grass. Soil type is sandy loam.

The NDS square ones are more than I need and want to spend so I looked at the spee-d basins. The issue is that there is no way to seal the pipe to the basin. The pipe also fits loose so it is harder to make sure the basin is set right and I dont see how alot of water will not exit the connection on the input side.

Since a catch basin is recommended in this case, would making one out of 4" PVC "T" fitting with a cap on the bottom to give it a sump area with a grate on top be ok? This way it can all be glued. I was planning on three in this area. Also the PVC would be stronger (this riding mower)

I do understand that larger grates are available for the spee-d but I really want the stongest, glued setup possible. What are your thoughts? Thanks
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