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Originally Posted by TLS View Post
I have no adjustment problems fore and aft, but I found it hard to pull sticks back in reverse with seat all the way up. I lowered my sticks, and tilted them forward.

Was ROPS up or down? I removed the weight plate and my ROPS and it is absolutely perfect. I can climb straight up the steepest hills and still keep casters on grass, yet I can come down the same hill...stop, and actually reverse back up it. Cant do that with many ZTR's. And I couldn't do that with the factory ROPS and weight plate on it.
My comment on the sticks was more to do with the resistance. Really stiff compared to SZ. Was going to try adjusting to the lighter hole but didn't have all the tools needed to perform the switch. That and it's way touchy or more responsive than a SZ.

I had the ROPS up for about the first lap of the first property then I took it down. I was pleasantly surprised as to how good the clearance was with it in the down position.

The HD SZ ROPS are way to high in the down position. Caught a guide wire on a big tower antenna at the Border Patrol up here. Pulled a wheelie, pulled both stakes part way out of the ground which were T posts driven all the way in till only about 8" stuck out of the ground and probably yanked the third cable attached to the buildings roof. Adrenaline was high to say the least.

These ROPS for the most part are more of a danger than a safety device IMO
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