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Having just pulled the plug myself, and purchased a Cheetah (61', 31 Kawasaki), I will cut for the first time next Monday (unless it's too wet, we don't cut wet.... period).

The one thing I will miss about cutting with the Kubota L2900 and the 72" groomer, is the sun canopy on the tractor. It was large enough, I could cut at high noon in the highest heat conditions, and I was well shielded from the sun (that made things really cool).

BUT, I look forward to shaving about an hour on the cut of the entire yard. When I demoed the Cheetah last week, I was able to cut the entire yard with the Cheetah in under two hours. Cutting the entire yard with the JD 345 & the Kubota & groomer would take us 3-1/2 hours when the grass was tall (which was often, remember we don't cut wet).

We look forward to a happy life with our new cat (Cheetah)......

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