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Originally Posted by agrostis View Post
Plastic/PVC catch basin's break, so do plastic/PVC grate's. The weight of a mower is usually too much. You might want to reconsider using glue just to make repair easier, just about every drain system i have seen need's repair's sooner or later.
What about the leakage?

Also if I am using straight hard pipe to the basin, something would need to be cut anyway in case of replacement because there would be no "wiggle" room to remove the basin, right?

Is there any way to seal these?
I read about silicon but I cant see it holding while get the pipe setup in the trench, too much movement.

I guess I wouldnt mind if the connection was tighter but its loose.

What about using a rubber coupling with clamps? I would have to keep the pipe off the basin flange halfway to get some space to screw it on to...
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