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Originally Posted by MJB View Post
Dont get me wrong I think Gravely is a good company but I really hated the X Factor deck when it first came out. Now I never tried to side discharge with it I needed a mulching mower. I spent countless hrs under it looking for flaws that were causing cutting issues, it was worse than my XR7 by far. Maybe I got a messed up mower. I sent pics to Gravely I checked pitch, tire pressure to no avail. Nice looking mower at first but then it turned to hate I could not even use it on my jobs. The pics below show the cut quality.
The Gravely Pro-Stance doesnt have the X-Factor deck. You may want to post this in the X-Factor cut quality thread. Most open style decks do not mulch well because they process huge volumes of grass quickly. Allowing for great cut quality in most all conditions, especially wet and at speed. I have never tried mulching here as things are always wet. Morning dew does dry off here until 11 or so. Tightly baffled decks have always struggled in the north east. I see a lot of guys still with them double cutting to get good results. Most of us have now gone to X-Factor and Velocity style decks.
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