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First off, thank you for the advise but Id like to draw your attention to something most realistic, despite your power to write. You, are nobody in any such position to explain, define, announce, who or what I am to myself or society. I call this ignorance, uneducated and lacking knowledge. I am a Federal Swat Agent for the US Government. I have far surpassed every psychological test, MMPI ( I am sure you know me and everything about me so, you know what an MMPI is), and training beyond your comprehension. Again, you know me and my position with my community and society and lastly, you have no issue announcing this. Moving forward, I have made it known that I have no clue what I am doing with my lawn and to ask questions is what this site is for. Nothing wrong with seeking multiple suggestions, or in your case, personalities of which are disturbing and angry.

As for your confusion regarding my location, EAST of PHILADELPHIA, try a MAP ! I didnt say EAST of the U.S., I said EAST of PHILADELPHIA.

As for the cool weather grass, Im shocked, you being all knowing and having so much to say about others, Tall Fescue, is a cool weather grass, is it not? So what part of this has you most confused, Sir..

Previous replies and posts from other members have been greatly appreciated, you Sir, seem to be bothered and have quite the condescending attitude. For you, of whom I do not know or understand, suggest you take up drinking, or perhaps something allowing you to escape yourself, because you seem to be very annoyed, bothered, and angry.

Please redirect your intentions.. I do not wish to receive further replies from you.

Wishing you a better day Sir.
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