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Originally Posted by ryde307 View Post
Thanks, Yes I am very over the rain. The last week has been nice.

Jcontracting the mulch is from Hermans in Shakopee/Jordan. Someone forgot shovels one day so a home depot run was made. I believe that's where the shovel came from. A friend is a wolverine dealer so we normally have a bunch of there shovels/tools. How has your season been going? Saw on FB you were looking to hire more help so it must be good. Have you had any time to race moto? I am thinking about getting another bike to try and do some hair scrambles in the fall.

Season has been going great. The rain slowed things up early in the year & big projects took a while longer. But number-wise I'm right where I want to be, beat last year's total sales in just installs this year so far. Bought my new Lazer and I think ill take a few days off the week after tthis coming week to go enclosed trailer shopping. The only issue is finding good labor! I have finally found someone that works great, he's a buddy that used to race mx until he broke his femur 3 yrs ago @ Mankato then he quit. He works at UPS early in the morning and works for me all day & he knows hardscapes which is awesome!

I plan on taking some time tonight to get pics on my thread tonight anf update the pictures on my website, I haven't added any so far this year except maintenance services.

I finally got to ride for the first time since Feb last wknd at Mora, went up Friday night after working with my toy hauler. Rode Saturday practice and was pretty sore by the end of that and then raced Sunday. My class was last in the race order so the track was insanely rough for both motos & it was pretty hot also. Avoided a pile up in the first corner & held 4th for the first couple laps then got passed and ended up 5th, top 4 trophied, I was kinda bummed but still happy to have raced & left in my truck not an ambulance! I'm going to try to make it there again on the wknd of the 21st then head to Millville that following Tuesday night for the Pro National.
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