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Originally Posted by fobaum View Post
I hate when my helpers blow off on every property , premadonna's
I do it every now and then. I had one guy that was bad about that. I kept telling him he should be done before I'm finished mowing, after every stop he'd have to take his shirt off and blow himself off with the blower, felt like leaving him a couple of times. I couldn't get it through to him that he had more than enough time to do everything if he'd do what I told him. He only lasted a couple of days.

Being the former trimmer man I was always (90% of the time) done and at the truck before the mower (52" Exmark or 50" Dixie) was finished. I have it set-up in our routine that the mower finishes away from hard surfaces so the guy trimming can get the blower and have everything blown off before the mower finishes. What made it bad with this guy is I was mowing with a 36" Turf Tracer so he had plenty of time. Some guys just can't or won't follow instructions because they've know it all.
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