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I do not avertise publicly. I just do a few yards on the side. I like it alot and would like to learn as much as i can. Not trying to be a Pro lawn guy. lol .yet. Gotta get my game plan of what i want to do, if i even want to do it. Small nice yards, commercail jobs, or everything. I am picky. And i can be right now. No kids and Not getting married. I pulled old an broken telephone poles out and set new ones for a few years. Gotta be kinda like doing palm trees. I have also pulled a palm before with a small truck. Good god all the roots! I can drive and operate bucket trucks with pole trailers in and out of small back yards. Not legaly. Emergency hurricane work. But i could proly pick one up for cheap to do tree work if i want. Just testing different waters now. I do not like standing in one place for a while. For the most part i am on the move edging weeding and mowing so the little bit of breese keeps me from going blind from sweat getting in my eyes. I sweat ALOT!! Been cuttin for a firefighter about 2years now. and i know i at least want to have a little lco with a few good jobs to do on weekends.
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