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Originally Posted by herler View Post
You're a funny guy, what would you do if you had work lined up from here to no end?
And it rained the last 3 days so you didn't get much done.
You'd take the day off?

You'd lose customers?

Worse still, you'd wait another day so you can really slave because the grass in my necks is as high as the mower will tolerate and I mean to tell you I don't cut "short" grasses so you let it go one more day and you're going to be tarping and raking clumps, it's already real borderline and I have one or two that ARE going to kill me (we're talking HOURS for one yard) and you would wait one more day?

That what you would do?

Sorry man, I can't do that, it really can't wait another day.
I've had folks begging me to do other work for weeks now.

So at present I'd rather work a holiday than slave a work day.
I as an employee or an employer I would rather work extra time Mon Tue Wed to get Thursday off.

None of my customers would complained if I came a day early or late this week because they realize everyone wants to be with family for the holidays.

Because I worked longer days this week I just had 2 hours of work at one customer's house this morning, then 1.5 hours at another customer and I am done and off till Monday.

As it turns out wife and kids are off Friday and we will be having our 4th on the 5th at the beach, barbecuing.

Customer been waiting 10, 15, 20 days to get their lawn mowed one more day is not going to make the grass that much taller.

Not enough time to get mowing and up sell work done is poor business management. Either scheduling more work then you can do, doing work at to low a price is bringing in to much volume. Needing to improve production capability to meet volume or add more employees.

Also when one lives in an area where there is a lot a rain a business plan should be in place to handle weather conditions. Imagine living in Seattle and thinking rain is never going to cause problems.

Just the way customers living in Seattle know that the amount of rain they get is going to have their LCO playing catch up quite often.
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