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Hey, folks. I finally had some time (with all the recent rain) to retool my website. My two goals this time around were to work on proper tagging/coding, and simplify down to a one-page design (albeit I have a second "employment" page). And yes, I will be getting a top-level domain soon. This go-around, the overall theme is simple, professional, modern, and to-the-point. I have been doing quite a bit of reading lately pertaining to marketing. It turns out that the quicker a prospect can get the info they need about a service provider, the quicker they'll make a decision to buy. Complicated web navigation (like on some auto makers sites) is a hassle and frustration. The whole design of my site is around getting the sale upon first impressions--quickly, and efficiently. I just hope the coding is sufficient to make those impressions. Comments welcome.
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